January 20, 2012

Lord Vishnu 1000 Names -PART3

THE ONE THOUSAND (1000) NAMES OF LORD VISHNU TRANSLATIONS AND MEANINGS. Here we are giving only 250 Names.. It will be continued in the next Post. Choose any name for your babies learn them and propagate them share them on to your favorite websites.

You Can find names of Lord Vishnu from 501 - 750 Names in this post.

If you want to listen all 1000 names at a Stretch from the Golden voice of M.S.Subbulakshmi ..
Here you can listen (So that you can get to know how to pronounce and how to pray lord vishnu in 1000 ways..

Lord Vishnu SahasraNamam

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 501) kapeendrah: Lord of the monkeys (Rama)
502) bhooridakshinah: He who gives away large gifts
503) somapah: One who takes Soma in the yajnas
504) amritapah: One who drinks the nectar
505) somah: One who as the moon nourishes plants
506) purujit: One who has conquered numerous enemies
507) purusattamah: The greatest of the great
508) vinayah: He who humiliates those who are unrighteous
509) jayah: The victorious
510) satyasandhah: Of truthful resolution
511) daashaarhah: One who was born in the Dasarha race
512) saatvataam-patih: The Lord of the Satvatas
513) jeevah: One who functions as the ksetrajna
514) vinayitaa-saakshee: The witness of modesty
515) mukundah: The giver of liberation
516) amitavikramah: Of immeasurable prowess
517) ambho-nidhir: The substratum of the four types of beings
518) anantaatmaa: The infinite self
519) mahodadhishayah: One who rests on the great ocean
520) antakah: The death
521) ajah: Unborn
522) mahaarhah: One who deserves the highest worship
523) svaabhaavyah: Ever rooted in the nature of His own self
524) jitaamitrah: One who has conquered all enemies
525) pramodanah: Ever-blissful
526) aanandah: A mass of pure bliss
527) nandanah: One who makes others blissful
528) nandah: Free from all worldly pleasures
529) satyadharmaa: One who has in Himself all true dharmas
530) trivikramah: One who took three steps
531) maharshih kapilaachaaryah: He who incarnated as Kapila, the great sage
532) kritajnah: The knower of the creation
533) medineepatih: The Lord of the earth
534) tripadah: One who has taken three steps
535) tridashaadhyaksho: The Lord of the three states of consciousness
536) mahaashringah: Great-horned (Matsya)
537) kritaantakrit: Destroyer of the creation
538) mahaavaraaho: The great boar
539) govindah: One who is known through Vedanta
540) sushenah: He who has a charming army
541) kanakaangadee: Wearer of bright-as-gold armlets
542) guhyo: The mysterious
543) gabheerah: The unfathomable
544) gahano: Impenetrable
545) guptah: The well-concealed
546) chakra-gadaadharah: Bearer of the disc and mace
547) vedhaah: Creator of the universe
548) svaangah: One with well-proportioned limbs
549) ajitah: Vanquished by none
550) krishnah: Dark-complexioned
551) dridhah: The firm
552) sankarshanochyutah: He who absorbs the whole creation into His nature and never falls away from that nature
553) varunah: One who sets on the horizon (Sun)
554) vaarunah: The son of Varuna (Vasistha or Agastya)
555) vrikshah: The tree
556) pushkaraakshah: Lotus eyed
557) mahaamanaah: Great-minded
558) bhagavaan: One who possesses six opulences
559) bhagahaa: One who destroys the six opulences during pralaya
560) aanandee: One who gives delight
561) vanamaalee: One who wears a garland of forest flowers
562) halaayudhah: One who has a plough as His weapon
563) aadityah: Son of Aditi
564) jyotiraadityah: The resplendence of the sun
565) sahishnuh: One who calmly endures duality
566) gatisattamah: The ultimate refuge for all devotees
567) sudhanvaa: One who has Shaarnga
568) khanda-parashur: One who holds an axe
569) daarunah: Merciless towards the unrighteous
570) dravinapradah: One who lavishly gives wealth
571) divah-sprik: Sky-reaching
572) sarvadrik-vyaaso: One who creates many men of wisdom
573) vaachaspatir-ayonijah: One who is the master of all vidyas and who is unborn through a womb
574) trisaamaa: One who is glorified by Devas, Vratas and Saamans
575) saamagah: The singer of the sama songs
576) saama: The Sama Veda
577) nirvaanam: All-bliss
578) bheshajam: Medicine
579) bhishak: Physician
580) samnyaasa-krit: Institutor of sannyasa
581) samah: Calm
582) shaantah: Peaceful within
583) nishthaa: Abode of all beings
584) shaantih: One whose very nature is peace
585) paraayanam: The way to liberation
586) shubhaangah: One who has the most beautiful form
587) shaantidah: Giver of peace
588) shrashtaa: Creator of all beings
589) kumudah: He who delights in the earth
590) kuvaleshayah: He who reclines in the waters
591) gohitah: One who does welfare for cows
592) gopatih: Husband of the earth
593) goptaa: Protector of the universe
594) vrishabhaaksho: One whose eyes rain fulfilment of desires
595) vrishapriyah: One who delights in dharma
596) anivartee: One who never retreats
597) nivrittaatmaa: One who is fully restrained from all sense indulgences
598) samksheptaa: The involver
599) kshemakrit: Doer of good
600) shivah: Auspiciousness
601) shreevatsa-vakshaah: One who has sreevatsa on His chest
602) shrevaasah: Abode of Sree
603) shreepatih: Lord of Laksmi
604) shreemataam varah: The best among glorious
605) shreedah: Giver of opulence
606) shreeshah: The Lord of Sree
607) shreenivaasah: One who dwells in the good people
608) shreenidhih: The treasure of Sree
609) shreevibhaavanah: Distributor of Sree
610) shreedharah: Holder of Sree
611) shreekarah: One who gives Sree
612) shreyah: Liberation
613) shreemaan: Possessor of Sree
614) loka-trayaashrayah: Shelter of the three worlds
615) svakshah: Beautiful-eyed
616) svangah: Beautiful-limbed
617) shataanandah: Of infinite varieties and joys
618) nandih: Infinite bliss
619) jyotir-ganeshvarah: Lord of the luminaries in the cosmos
620) vijitaatmaa: One who has conquered the sense organs
621) vidheyaatmaa: One who is ever available for the devotees to command in love
622) sat-keertih: One of pure fame
623) chinnasamshayah: One whose doubts are ever at rest
624) udeernah: The great transcendent
625) sarvatah-chakshuh: One who has eyes everywhere
626) aneeshah: One who has none to Lord over Him
627) shaashvata-sthirah: One who is eternal and stable
628) bhooshayah: One who rested on the ocean shore (Rama)
629) bhooshanah: One who adorns the world
630) bhootih: One who is pure existence
631) vishokah: Sorrowless
632) shoka-naashanah: Destroyer of sorrows
633) archishmaan: The effulgent
634) architah: One who is constantly worshipped by His devotees
635) kumbhah: The pot within whom everything is contained
636) vishuddhaatmaa: One who has the purest soul
637) vishodhanah: The great purifier
638) anniruddhah: He who is invincible by any enemy
639) apratirathah: One who has no enemies to threaten Him
640) pradyumnah: Very rich
641) amitavikramah: Of immeasurable prowess
642) kaalanemi-nihaa: Slayer of Kalanemi
643) veerah: The heroic victor
644) shauri: One who always has invincible prowess
645) shoora-janeshvarah: Lord of the valiant
646) trilokaatmaa: The self of the three worlds
647) trilokeshah: The Lord of the three worlds
648) keshavah: One whose rays illumine the cosmos
649) keshihaa: Killer of Kesi
650) harih: The destroyer
651) kaamadevah: The beloved Lord
652) kaamapaalah: The fulfiller of desires
653) kaamee: One who has fulfilled all His desires
654) kaantah: Of enchanting form
655) kritaagamah: The author of the agama scriptures
656) anirdeshya-vapuh: Of Indescribable form
657) vishnuh: All-pervading
658) veerah: The courageous
659) anantah: Endless
660) dhananjayah: One who gained wealth through conquest
661) brahmanyah: Protector of Brahman (anything related to Narayana)
662) brahmakrit: One who acts in Brahman
663) brahmaa: Creator
664) brahma: Biggest
665) brahma-vivardhanah: One who increases the Brahman
666) brahmavid: One who knows Brahman
667) braahmanah: One who has realised Brahman
668) brahmee: One who is with Brahma
669) brahmajno: One who knows the nature of Brahman
670) braahmana-priyah: Dear to the brahmanas
671) mahaakramo: Of great step
672) mahaakarmaa: One who performs great deeds
673) mahaatejaah: One of great resplendence
674) mahoragah: The great serpent
675) mahaakratuh: The great sacrifice
676) mahaayajvaa: One who performed great yajnas
677) mahaayajnah: The great yajna
678) mahaahavih: The great offering
679) stavyah: One who is the object of all praise
680) stavapriyah: One who is invoked through prayer
681) stotram: The hymn
682) stutih: The act of praise
683) stotaa: One who adores or praises
684) ranapriyah: Lover of battles
685) poornah: The complete
686) poorayitaa: The fulfiller
687) punyah: The truly holy
688) punya-keertir: Of Holy fame
689) anaamayah: One who has no diseases
690) manojavah: Swift as the mind
691) teerthakaro: The teacher of the tirthas
692) vasuretaah: He whose essence is golden
693) vasupradah: The free-giver of wealth
694) vasupradah: The giver of salvation, the greatest wealth
695) vaasudevo: The son of Vasudeva
696) vasuh: The refuge for all
697) vasumanaah: One who is attentive to everything
698) havih: The oblation
699) sadgatih: The goal of good people
700) satkritih: One who is full of Good actions
701) satta: One without a second
702) sadbhootih: One who has rich glories
703) satparaayanah: The Supreme goal for the good
704) shoorasenah: One who has heroic and valiant armies
705) yadu-shresthah: The best among the Yadava clan
706) sannivaasah: The abode of the good
707) suyaamunah: One who attended by the people who dwell on the banks of Yamuna
708) bhootaavaaso: The dwelling place of the elements
709) vaasudevah: One who envelops the world with Maya
710) sarvaasunilayah: The abode of all life energies
711) analah: One of unlimited wealth, power and glory
712) darpahaa: The destroyer of pride in evil-minded people
713) darpadah: One who creates pride, or an urge to be the best, among the righteous
714) driptah: One whio is drunk with Infinite bliss
715) durdharah: The object of contemplation
716) athaaparaajitah: The unvanquished
717) vishvamoortih: Of the form of the entire Universe
718) mahaamortir: The great form
719) deeptamoortir: Of resplendent form
720) a-moortirmaan: Having no form
721) anekamoortih: Multi-formed
722) avyaktah: Unmanifeset
723) shatamoortih: Of many forms
724) shataananah: Many-faced
725) ekah: The one
726) naikah: The many
727) savah: The nature of the sacrifice
728) kah: One who is of the nature of bliss
729) kim: What (the one to be inquired into)
730) yat: Which
731) tat: That
732) padam-anuttamam: The unequalled state of perfection
733) lokabandhur: Friend of the world
734) lokanaathah: Lord of the world
735) maadhavah: Born in the family of Madhu
736) bhaktavatsalah: One who loves His devotees
737) suvarna-varnah: Golden-coloured
738) hemaangah: One who has limbs of gold
739) varaangah: With beautiful limbs
740) chandanaangadee: One who has attractive armlets
741) veerahaa: Destroyer of valiant heroes
742) vishama: Unequalled
743) shoonyah: The void
744) ghritaaseeh: One who has no need for good wishes
745) acalah: Non-moving
746) chalah: Moving
747) amaanee: Without false vanity
748) maanadah: One who causes, by His maya, false identification with the body
749) maanyah: One who is to be honoured
750) lokasvaamee: Lord of the universe

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