January 20, 2012

Lord Vishnu 1000 Names-PART 4

THE ONE THOUSAND (1000) NAMES OF LORD VISHNU TRANSLATIONS AND MEANINGS. Here we are giving only 250 Names which will ends here completing 1000 names. Choose any name for your babies learn them and propagate them share them on to your favorite websites.
You Can find names of Lord Vishnu from 750 - 1000 Names in this post.

If you want to listen all 1000 names at a Stretch from the Golden voice of M.S.Subbulakshmi ..
Here you can listen (So that you can get to know how to pronounce and how to pray lord vishnu in 1000 ways..
Lord Vishnu SahasraNamam
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 751) trilokadhrik: One who is the support of all the three worlds
752) sumedhaa: One who has pure intelligence
753) medhajah: Born out of sacrifices
754) dhanyah: Fortunate
755) satyamedhah: One whose intelligence never fails
756) dharaadharah: The sole support of the earth
757) tejovrisho: One who showers radiance
758) dyutidharah: One who bears an effulgent form
759) sarva-shastra-bhritaam-varah: The best among those who wield weapons
760) pragrahah: Receiver of worship
761) nigrahah: The killer
762) vyagrah: One who is ever engaged in fulfilling the devotee's desires
763) naikashringah: One who has many horns
764) gadaagrajah: One who is invoked through mantra
765) chaturmoortih: Four-formed
766) chaturbaahuh: Four-handed
767) chaturvyoohah: One who expresses Himself as the dynamic centre in the four vyoohas
768) chaturgatih: The ultimate goal of all four varnas and asramas
769) chaturaatmaa: Clear-minded
770) chaturbhaavas: The source of the four
771) chatur-vedavid: Knower of all four vedas
772) ekapaat: One-footed (BG 10.42)
773) samaavartah: The efficient turner
774) nivrittaatmaa: One whose mind is turned away from sense indulgence
775) durjayah: The invincible
776) duratikramah: One who is difficult to be disobeyed
777) durlabhah: One who obtained with effort
778) durgamah: One who is realised with great effort
779) durgah: Not easy to storm into
780) duraavaasah: Not easy to lodge
781) duraarihaa: Slayer of the asuras
782) shubhaangah: One with enchanting limbs
783) lokasaarangah: One who understands the universe
784) sutantuh: Beautifully expanded
785) tantu-vardhanah: One who sustains the continuity of the drive for the family
786) indrakarmaa: One who always performs gloriously auspicious actions
787) mahaakarmaa: One who accomplishes great acts
788) kritakarmaa: One who has fulfilled his acts
789) kritaagamah: Author of the Vedas
790) udbhavah: The ultimate source
791) sundarah: Of unrivalled beauty
792) sundah: Of great mercy
793) ratna-naabhah: Of beautiful navel
794) sulochanah: One who has the most enchanting eyes
795) arkah: One who is in the form of the sun
796) vaajasanah: The giver of food
797) shringee: The horned one
798) jayantah: The conquerer of all enemies
799) sarvavij-jayee: One who is at once omniscient and victorious
800) suvarna-binduh: With limbs radiant like gold
801) akshobhyah: One who is ever unruffled
802) sarva-vaageeshvareshvarah: Lord of the Lord of speech
803) mahaahradah: One who is like a great refreshing swimming pool
804) mahaagartah: The great chasm
805) mahaabhootah: The great being
806) mahaanidhih: The great abode
807) kumudah: One who gladdens the earth
808) kundarah: The one who lifted the earth
809) kundah: One who is as attractive as Kunda flowers
810) parjanyah: He who is similar to rain-bearing clouds
811) paavanah: One who ever purifies
812) anilah: One who never slips
813) amritaashah: One whose desires are never fruitless
814) amritavapuh: He whose form is immortal
815) sarvajna: Omniscient
816) sarvato-mukhah: One who has His face turned everywhere
817) sulabhah: One who is readily available
818) suvratah: One who has taken the most auspicious forms
819) siddhah: One who is perfection
820) shatrujit: One who is ever victorious over His hosts of enemies
821) shatrutaapanah: The scorcher of enemies
822) nyagrodhah: The one who veils Himself with Maya
823) udumbarah: Nourishment of all living creatures
824) ashvattas: Tree of life
825) chaanooraandhra-nishoodanah: The slayer of Canura
826) sahasraarchih: He who has thousands of rays
827) saptajihvah: He who expresses himself as the seven tongues of fire (Types of agni)
828) saptaidhaah: The seven effulgences in the flames
829) saptavaahanah: One who has a vehicle of seven horses (sun)
830) amoortih: Formless
831) anaghah: Sinless
832) acintyo: Inconceivable
833) bhayakrit: Giver of fear
834) bhayanaashanah: Destroyer of fear
835) anuh: The subtlest
836) brihat: The greatest
837) krishah: Delicate, lean
838) sthoolah: One who is the fattest
839) gunabhrit: One who supports
840) nirgunah: Without any properties
841) mahaan: The mighty
842) adhritah: Without support
843) svadhritah: Self-supported
844) svaasyah: One who has an effulgent face
845) praagvamshah: One who has the most ancient ancestry
846) vamshavardhanah: He who multiplies His family of descendents
847) bhaarabhrit: One who carries the load of the universe
848) kathitah: One who is glorified in all scriptures
849) yogee: One who can be realised through yoga
850) yogeeshah: The king of yogis
851) sarvakaamadah: One who fulfils all desires of true devotees
852) aashramah: Haven
853) shramanah: One who persecutes the worldly people
854) kshaamah: One who destroys everything
855) suparnah: The golden leaf (Vedas) BG 15.1
856) vaayuvaahanah: The mover of the winds
857) dhanurdharah: The wielder of the bow
858) dhanurvedah: One who declared the science of archery
859) dandah: One who punishes the wicked
860) damayitaa: The controller
861) damah: Beautitude in the self
862) aparaajitah: One who cannot be defeated
863) sarvasahah: One who carries the entire Universe
864) aniyantaa: One who has no controller
865) niyamah: One who is not under anyone's laws
866) ayamah: One who knows no death
867) sattvavaan: One who is full of exploits and courage
868) saattvikah: One who is full of sattvic qualities
869) satyah: Truth
870) satya-dharma-paraayanah: One who is the very abode of truth and dharma
871) abhipraayah: One who is faced by all seekers marching to the infinite
872) priyaarhah: One who deserves all our love
873) arhah: One who deserves to be worshiped
874) priyakrit: One who is ever-obliging in fulfilling our wishes
875) preetivardhanah: One who increases joy in the devotee's heart
876) vihaayasa-gatih: One who travels in space
877) jyotih: Self-effulgent
878) suruchih: Whose desire manifests as the universe
879) hutabhuk: One who enjoys all that is offered in yajna
880) vibhuh: All-pervading
881) ravih: One who dries up everything
882) virochanah: One who shines in different forms
883) sooryah: The one source from where everything is born
884) savitaa: The one who brings forth the Universe from Himself
885) ravilochanah: One whose eye is the sun
886) anantah: Endless
887) hutabhuk: One who accepts oblations
888) bhoktaaA: One who enjoys
889) sukhadah: Giver of bliss to those who are liberated
890) naikajah: One who is born many times
891) agrajah: The first-born
892) anirvinnah: One who feels no disappointment
893) sadaamarshee: One who forgives the trespasses of His devotees
894) lokaadhishthaanam: The substratum of the universe
895) adbhutah: Wonderful
896) sanaat: The beginningless and endless factor
897) sanaatanatamah: The most ancient
898) kapilah: The great sage Kapila
899) kapih: One who drinks water
900) apyayah: The one in whom the universe merges
901) svastidah: Giver of Svasti
902) svastikrit: One who robs all auspiciousness
903) svasti: One who is the source of all auspiciouness
904) svastibhuk: One who constantly enjoys auspiciousness
905) svastidakshinah: Distributor of auspiciousness
906) araudrah: One who has no negative emotions or urges
907) kundalee: One who wears shark earrings
908) chakree: Holder of the chakra
909) vikramee: The most daring
910) oorjita-shaasanah: One who commands with His hand
911) shabdaatigah: One who transcends all words
912) shabdasahah: One who allows Himself to be invoked by Vedic declarations
913) shishirah: The cold season, winter
914) sharvaree-karah: Creator of darkness
915) akroorah: Never cruel
916) peshalah: One who is supremely soft
917) dakshah: Prompt
918) dakshinah: The most liberal
919) kshaminaam-varah: One who has the greatest amount of patience with sinners
920) vidvattamah: One who has the greatest wisdom
921) veetabhayah: One with no fear
922) punya-shravana-keertanah: The hearing of whose glory causes holiness to grow
923) uttaaranah: One who lifts us out of the ocean of change
924) dushkritihaa: Destroyer of bad actions
925) punyah: Supremely pure
926) duh-svapna-naashanah: One who destroys all bad dreams
927) veerahaa: One who ends the passage from womb to womb
928) rakshanah: Protector of the universe
929) santah: One who is expressed through saintly men
930) jeevanah: The life spark in all creatures
931) paryavasthitah: One who dwells everywhere
932) anantaroopah: One of infinite forms
933) anantashreeh: Full of infinite glories
934) jitamanyuh: One who has no anger
935) bhayapahah: One who destroys all fears
936) chaturashrah: One who deals squarely
937) gabheeraatmaa: Too deep to be fathomed
938) vidishah: One who is unique in His giving
939) vyaadishah: One who is unique in His commanding power
940) dishah: One who advises and gives knowledge
941) anaadih: One who is the first cause
942) bhoor-bhuvo: The substratum of the earth
943) lakshmeeh: The glory of the universe
944) suveerah: One who moves through various ways
945) ruchiraangadah: One who wears resplendent shoulder caps
946) jananah: He who delivers all living creatures
947) jana-janmaadir: The cause of the birth of all creatures
948) bheemah: Terrible form
949) bheema-paraakramah: One whose prowess is fearful to His enemies
950) aadhaaranilayah: The fundamental sustainer
951) adhaataa: Above whom there is no other to command
952) pushpahaasah: He who shines like an opening flower
953) prajaagarah: Ever-awakened
954) oordhvagah: One who is on top of everything
955) satpathaachaarah: One who walks the path of truth
956) praanadah: Giver of life
957) pranavah: Omkara
958) panah: The supreme universal manager
959) pramaanam: He whose form is the Vedas
960) praananilayah: He in whom all prana is established
961) praanibhrit: He who rules over all pranas
962) praanajeevanah: He who maintains the life-breath in all living creatures
963) tattvam: The reality
964) tattvavit: One who has realised the reality
965) ekaatmaa: The one self
966) janma-mrityu-jaraatigah: One who knows no birth, death or old age in Himself
967) bhoor-bhuvah svas-taruh: The tree of bhur, bhuvah and svah
968) taarah: One who helps all to cross over
969) savitaa: The father of all
970) prapitaamahah: The father of the father of beings (Brahma)
971) yajnah: One whose very nature is yajna
972) yajnapatih: The Lord of all yajnas
973) yajvaa: The one who performs yajna
974) yajnaangah: One whose limbs are the things employed in yajna
975) yajnavaahanah: One who fulfils yajnas in complete
976) yajnabhrid: The ruler of the yajanas
977) yajnakrit: One who performs yajna
978) yajnee: Enjoyer of yajnas
979) yajnabhuk: Receiver of all that is offered
980) yajnasaadhanah: One who fulfils all yajnas
981) yajnaantakrit: One who performs the concluding act of the yajna
982) yajnaguhyam: The person to be realised by yajna
983) annam: One who is food
984) annaadah: One who eats the food
985) aatmayonih: The uncaused cause
986) svayamjaatah: Self-born
987) vaikhaanah: The one who cut through the earth
988) saamagaayanah: One who sings the sama songs
989) devakee-nandanah: Son of Devaki
990) srashtaa: Creator
991) kshiteeshah: The Lord of the earth
992) paapa-naashanah: Destroyer of sin
993) samkha-bhrit: One who has the divine Pancajanya
994) nandakee: One who holds the Nandaka sword
995) chakree: Carrier of Sudarsana
996) shaarnga-dhanvaa: One who aims His shaarnga bow
997) gadaadharah: Carrier of Kaumodakee club
998) rathaanga-paanih: One who has the wheel of a chariot as His weapon
999) akshobhyah: One who cannot be annoyed by anyone
1000) sarva-praharanaayudhah: He who has all implements for all kinds of assault and fight

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