January 20, 2012

1000 Names of Lord Vishnu PART2

THE ONE THOUSAND (1000) NAMES OF LORD VISHNU TRANSLATIONS AND MEANINGS. Here we are giving only 250 Names.. It will be continued in the next Post. Choose any name for your babies learn them and propagate them share them on to your favorite websites.

If you want to listen all 1000 names at a Stretch from the Golden voice of M.S.Subbulakshmi ..
Here you can listen (So that you can get to know how to pronounce and how to pray lord vishnu in 1000 ways..

Lord Vishnu SahasraNamam
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251) shuchih: He who is pure
252) siddhaarthah: He who has all arthas
253) siddhasankalpah: He who gets all He wishes for
254) siddhidah: The giver of benedictions
255) siddhisaadhanah: The power behind our sadhana
256) vrishaahee: Controller of all actions
257) vrishabhah: He who showers all dharmas
258) vishnuh: Long-striding
259) vrishaparvaa: The ladder leading to dharma (As well as dharma itself)
260) vrishodarah: He from whose belly life showers forth
261) vardhanah: The nurturer and nourisher
262) vardhamaanah: He who can grow into any dimension
263) viviktah: Separate
264) shruti-saagarah: The ocean for all scripture
265) subhujah: He who has graceful arms
266) durdurdharah: He who cannot be known by great yogis 267) vaagmee: He who is eloquent in speech
268) mahendrah: The lord of Indra
269) vasudah: He who gives all wealth
270) vasuh: He who is Wealth
271) naika-roopo: He who has unlimited forms
272) brihad-roopah: Vast, of infinite dimensions
273) shipivishtah: The presiding deity of the sun
274) prakaashanah: He who illuminates
275) ojas-tejo-dyutidharah: The possessor of vitality, effulgence and beauty
276) prakaashaatmaa: The effulgent self
277) prataapanah: Thermal energy; one who heats
278) riddhah: Full of prosperity
279) spashtaaksharo: One who is indicated by OM
280) mantrah: The nature of the Vedic mantras
281) chandraamshuh: The rays of the moon
282) bhaaskara-dyutih: The effulgence of the sun
283) amritaamsoodbhavo: The moon who gives flavor to vegetables
284) bhaanuh: Self-effulgent
285) shashabindhuh: The moon who has a rabbit-like spot 286) sureshvarah: A person of extreme charity
287) aushadham: Medicine
288) jagatas-setuh: A bridge across the material energy
289) satya-dharma-paraakramah: One who champions heroically for truth and righteousness
290) bhoota-bhavya-bhavan-naathah: The Lord of past, present and future
291) pavanah: The air that fills the universe
292) paavanah: He who gives life-sustaining power to air
293) analah: Fire
294) kaamahaa: He who destroys all desires
295) kaamakrit: He who fulfills all desires
296) kaantah: He who is of enchanting form
297) kaamah: The beloved
298) kaamapradah: He who supplies desired objects
299) prabhuh: The Lord
300) yugaadi-krit: The creator of the yugas
301) yugaavartah The law behind time
302) naikamaayah: He whose forms are endless and varied 303) mahaashanah: He who eats up everything
304) adrishyah: Imperceptible
305) vyaktaroopah: He who is perceptible to the yogi
306) sahasrajit: He who vanquishes thousands
307) anantajit: Ever-victorious
308) ishtah: He who is invoked through Vedic rituals
309) visishtah: The noblest and most sacred
310) sishteshtah: The greatest beloved
311) shikhandee: He who wears a peacock feather
312) nahushah: He who binds all with maya
313) vrishah: He who is dharma
314) krodhahaa: He who destroys anger
315) krodhakrit-kartaa: He who generates anger against the lower tendency
316) visvabaahuh: He whose hand is in everything
317) maheedharah: The support of the earth
318) achyutah: He who undergoes no changes
319) prathitah: He who exists pervading all
320) praanah: The prana in all living creatures
321) praanadah: He who gives prana
322) vaasavaanujah: The brother of Indra
323) apaam-nidhih: Treasure of waters (the ocean)
324) adhishthaanam: The substratum of the entire universe
325) apramattah: He who never makes a wrong judgement 326) pratishthitah: He who has no cause
327) skandah: He whose glory is expressed through Subrahmanya
328) skanda-dharah: Upholder of withering righteousness
329) dhuryah: Who carries out creation etc without hitch
330) varadah: He who fulfills boons
331) vaayuvaahanah: Controller of winds
332) vaasudevah: Dwelling in all creatures although not affected by that condition
333) brihat-bhaanuh: He who illumines the world with the rays of the sun and moon
334) aadidevah: The primary source of everything
335) purandarah: Destroyer of cities
336) ashokah: He who has no sorrow
337) taaranah: He who enables others to cross
338) taarah: He who saves
339) shoorah: The valiant
340) shaurih: He who incarnated in the dynasty of Shoora
341) janeshvarah: The Lord of the people
342) anukoolah: Well-wisher of everyone
343) sataavarttah: He who takes infinite forms
344) padmee: He who holds a lotus
345) padmanibhekshanah: Lotus-eyed
346) padmanaabhah: He who has a lotus-navel
347) aravindaakshah: He who has eyes as beautiful as the lotus
348) padmagarbhah: He who is being meditated upon in the lotus of the heart
349) shareerabhrit: He who sustains all bodies
350) maharddhi: One who has great prosperity
351) riddhah: He who has expanded Himself as the universe
352) Vriddhaatmaa: The ancient self
353) mahaakshah: The great-eyed
354) garudadhvajah: One who has Garuda on His flag
355) atulah: Incomparable
356) sharabhah: One who dwells and shines forth through the bodies
357) bheemah: The terrible
358) samayajnah: One whose worship is nothing more than keeping an equal vision of the mind by the devotee
359) havirharih: The receiver of all oblation
360) sarva-lakshana-lakshanyah: Known through all proofs
361) lakshmeevaan: The consort of Laksmi
362) samitinjayah: Ever-victorious
363) viksharah: Imperishable
364) rohitah: The fish incarnation
365) maargah: The path
366) hetuh: The cause
367) daamodarah: Whose stomach is marked with three lines
368) sahah: All-enduring
369) maheedharah: The bearer of the earth
370) mahaabhaago: He who gets the greates share in every Yajna
371) vegavaan: He who is swift
372) amitaashanah: Of endless appetite
373) udbhavah: The originator
374) kshobhanah: The agitator
375) devah: He who revels
376) shreegarbhah: He in whom are all glories
377) parameshvarah: The Supreme Lord
378) karanam: The instrument
379) kaaranam: The cause
380) kartaa: The doer
381) vikartaa: Creator of the endless varieties that make up the universe
382) gahanah: The unknowable
383) guhah: He who dwells in the cave of the heart
384) vyavasaayah: Resolute
385) vyavasthaanah: The substratum
386) samsthaanah: The ultimate authority
387) sthaanadah: He who confers the right abode
388) dhruvah: The changeless in the midst of changes
389) pararddhih: He who has supreme manifestations
390) paramaspashtah: The extremely vivid
391) tushtah: One who is contented with a very simple offering
392) pushtah: One who is ever-full
393) shubhekshanah: All-auspicious gaze
394) raamah: One who is most handsome
395) viraamah: The abode of perfect-rest
396) virajo: Passionless
397) maargah: The path
398) neyah: The guide
399) nayah: One who leads
400) anayah: One who has no leader
401) veerah: The valiant
402) shaktimataam-shresthah: The best among the powerful
403) dharmah: The law of being
404) dharmaviduttamah: The highest among men of realisation
405) vaikunthah: One who prevents men from straying on wrong paths
406) purushah: One who dwells in all bodies
407) praanah: Life
408) praanadah: Giver of life
409) pranavah: He who is praised by the gods
410) prituh: The expanded
411) hiranyagarbhah: The creator
412) shatrughnah: The destroyer of enemies
413) vyaaptah: The pervader
414) vaayuh: The air
415) adhokshajah: One whose vitality never flows downwards
416) rituh: The seasons
417) sudarshanah: He whose meeting is auspicious
418) kaalah: He who judges and punishes beings
419) parameshthee: One who is readily available for experience within the heart
420) parigrahah: The receiver
421) ugrah: The terrible
422) samvatsarah: The year
423) dakshah: The smart
424) vishraamah: The resting place
425) vishva-dakshinah: The most skilful and efficient
426) vistaarah: The extension
427) sthaavarah-sthaanuh: The firm and motionless
428) pramaanam: The proof
429) beejamavyayam: The Immutable Seed
430) arthah: He who is worshiped by all
431) anarthah: One to whom there is nothing yet to be fulfilled
432) mahaakoshah: He who has got around him great sheaths
433) mahaabhogah: He who is of the nature of enjoyment
434) mahaadhanah: He who is supremely rich
435) anirvinnah: He who has no discontent
436) sthavishthah: One who is supremely huge
437) a-bhooh: One who has no birth
438) dharma-yoopah: The post to which all dharma is tied
439) mahaa-makhah: The great sacrificer
440) nakshatranemir: The nave of the stars
441) nakshatree: The Lord of the stars (the moon)
442) kshamah: He who is supremely efficient in all undertakings
443) kshaamah: He who ever remains without any scarcity
444) sameehanah: One whose desires are auspicious
445) yajnah: One who is of the nature of yajna
446) ijyah: He who is fit to be invoked through yajna
447) mahejyah: One who is to be most worshiped
448) kratuh: The animal-sacrifice
449) satram: Protector of the good
450) sataam-gatih: Refuge of the good
451) sarvadarshee: All-knower
452) vimuktaatmaa: The ever-liberated self
453) sarvajno: Omniscient
454) jnaanamuttamam: The Supreme Knowledge
455) suvratah: He who ever-perfoeming the pure vow
456) sumukhah: One who has a charming face
457) sookshmah: The subtlest
458) sughoshah: Of auspicious sound
459) sukhadah: Giver of happiness
460) suhrit: Friend of all creatures
461) manoharah: The stealer of the mind
462) jita-krodhah: One who has conquered anger
463) veerabaahur: Having mighty arms
464) vidaaranah: One who splits asunder
465) svaapanah: One who puts people to sleep
466) svavashah: He who has everything under His control
467) vyaapee: All-pervading
468) naikaatmaa: Many souled
469) naikakarmakrit: One who does many actions
470) vatsarah: The abode
471) vatsalah: The supremely affectionate
472) vatsee: The father
473) ratnagarbhah: The jewel-wombed
474) dhaneshvarah: The Lord of wealth
475) dharmagub: One who protects dharma
476) dharmakrit: One who acts according to dharma
477) dharmee: The supporter of dharma
478) sat: existence
479) asat: illusion
480) ksharam: He who appears to perish
481) aksharam: Imperishable
482) avijnaataa: The non-knower (The knower being the conditioned soul within the body)
483) sahasraamshur: The thousand-rayed
484) vidhaataa: All supporter
485) kritalakshanah: One who is famous for His qualities
486) gabhastinemih: The hub of the universal wheel
487) sattvasthah: Situated in sattva
488) simhah: The lion
489) bhoota-maheshvarah: The great lord of beings
490) aadidevah: The first deity
491) mahaadevah: The great deity
492) deveshah: The Lord of all devas
493) devabhrit-guruh: Advisor of Indra
494) uttarah: He who lifts us from the ocean of samsara
495) gopatih: The shepherd
496) goptaa: The protector
497) jnaanagamyah: One who is experienced through pure knowledge
498) puraatanah: He who was even before time
499) shareera-bhootabhrit: One who nourishes the nature from which the bodies came
500) bhoktaa: The enjoyer 

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