October 14, 2012

Murugan - God of Six Faces - Son of Lord Shiva

 Murugan is more popular in South India especially among Tamil people famously referred as Thamizh Kadavul (God of Tamils) compared to other parts of India. In Karnataka he is popular as "Subrahmanya" and is often associated with snakes, famous shrine Kukke Subramanya is well known for Sarpa shanti rites. In Andhra Pradesh and Bengal too he is popular by the names "Subrahmanya" and "Kartikeya" respectively.

 Like most Hindu deities, Murugan is known by many other names, including Senthil (meaning 'smart' or 'clever'), Saravaṇa, Kārtikeya (meaning 'son of Krittika'), Arumugam, Sanmuga (from Sanskrit Ṣaṇmukha), Shadanana (meaning 'one with six faces'), Kumāra (meaning 'child or son'), Dhandapany (meaning God with a Club), Guhan or Guruhuha (meaning 'cave-dweller'), Skanda (meaning 'that which is spilled or oozed, namely seed' in Sanskrit), Subrahmaṇya, Vēlaṇ and Swaminatha.

Murugan -Lord of Six Faces

Murugan is popularly depicted as having six faces and twelve arms. The poets like to address Him as "Arumugan" - Lord of Six Faces.

The sacred functions of Murugan as having six faces are described as thus :

        One face sheds rays of Light and removes the dense darkness shrouding the world;
        One face with gracious look lovingly showers boons on his devotees who praise Him with Love and Joy;
        One face watches over the sacrifices of the Brahmans who perform them without deviating from the strict Vedic traditions;
        One face like full moon, which brightens all the quarters of the world, lights the sages' minds to enable them to search for hidden Truth;
        One face with raging heart performs battle-sacrifice-destroy His enemies and
        One face smiles lovingly on His young consort, the pretty daughter of the hunting tribe

Other Descriptions of Murugan "the Child of Kottravi" - the Goddess of Victory (Durga)

"the Child of the Ancient One"

"the Captain of the Heavenly Hosts"

"the Lord of the Mountain Region"

"the Lord who holds the Victorious Spear"

"the Heroic Lord with the Victorious banner gained in war"

Some of these descriptions suggest that Murugan was the War God of the Tamils.

 - 108 names of murugan -

Om Skandaya namaha
Hail Skanda! Vanquisher of the mighty foes!
Om Guhaya namaha
Praise be to the Invisible Lord—He who abides in the hearts of devotees true!
Om Shanmukhaya namaha
Praise be to the six-faced one!
Om Balanetrasutaya namaha
Praise be to the Son of the Three-Eyed Siva!
Om Prabhave namaha
Praise be to the Lord Supreme!
Om Pingalaya namaha
Praise be to the golden-hued one!
Om Krittikasunave namaha
Hail to the Son of the starry maids!
Om Sikhivahanaya namaha
Hail to the rider on the peacock!
Om Dvinadbhujaya namaha
Hail to the Lord with the twelve hands!
Om Dvinannetraya namaha
Hail to the Lord with the twelve eyes!
Om Saktidharaya namaha
Hail to the wielder of the Lance!
Om Pisidasaprabhajanaya namaha
Praise be to the destroyer of the Asuras!
Om Tarakasurasamharine namaha
Praise be to the slayar of Tarakasuran!
Om Raksobalavimardanaya namaha
Praise be to the Victor of the Asuric forces!
Om Mattaya namaha
Praise be to the Lord of felicity!
Om Pramattaya namaha
Praise be to the Lord of bliss!
Om Unmattaya namaha
Hail Oh passionate One!
Om Surasainyasuraksakaya namaha
(Suralangasya Rakshithre Namaha); Hail Saviour of the Devas!
Om Devasenapataye namaha
Hail Commander of the Heavenly hosts!
Om Pragnya namaha
Hail, Lord of Wisdom!
Om Kripalave namaha
Hail Compassionate One!
Om Bhaktavatsalaya namaha
Lover of devout ones, Praise be to Thee!
Om Umasutaya namaha
Son of Uma—Praise be to Thee!
Om Saktidharaya namaha
Mighty Lord—Praise be to Thee!
Om Kumaraya namaha
Eternal youth—Praise be to Thee!
Om Krauñcadharanaya namaha
He who reft asunder the Krauñca Mount—Praise be to Thee!
Om Senanye namaha
Praise be to the Army Chief!
Om Agnijanmane namaha
To the effulgence of Fire, all Hail!
Om Visakhaya namaha
To Him who shone on the astral Visakha—All Hail!
Om Shankaratmajaya namaha
Thou Son of Sankara—All Hail!
Om Sivasvamine namaha
Thou Preceptor of Siva—All Hail!
Om Ganaswamine namaha
On Lord of the Ganas—All Hail
Om Sarvasvamine namaha
On Lord, God Almighty, All Hail!
Om Sanatanaya namaha
Oh Lord eternal, Praise be to Thee!
Om Anantasaktaye namaha
Thou potent Lord, Praise be to Thee!
Om Aksobhyaya namaha
Unsullied by arrows art Thou—Praise be to Thee!
Om Parvatipriyanandanaya namaha
Thou beloved of Parvati, Praise be to Thee!
Om Gangasutaya namaha
Oh, son of Goddess Ganga—Praise be to Thee!
Om Sarodbhutaya namaha
Thou who did'st nestle in the Saravana Lake!
Om Atmabhuve namaha
Thou Unborn Lord!
Om Pavakatmajaya namaha
Thou who art born of Fire!
Om Mayadharaya namaha
Energy Art Thou—Praise be to Thee!
Om Prajrimbhaya namaha
Praise be to thee Auspicious One! (Blissful)!
Om Ujjrimbhaya namaha
Praise be to the Invincible One!
Om Kamalasanasamstutaya namaha
Praise be to the Lord extolled by Brahma!
Om Ekavarnaya namaha
The one Word art Thou—All Hail!
Om Dvivarnaya namaha
In Two Art Thou—All Hail!
Om Trivarnaya namaha
Thou Art the Three—All Hail!
Om Sumanoharaya namaha
Thou Stealer of pure hearts—All Hail!
Om Caturvarnaya namaha
In four Art Thou—All Hail!
Om Pancavarnaya namaha
In five letters Art Thou—All Hail!
Om Prajapataye namaha
Father of all Creation—All Hail!
Om Trumbaya namaha
Praise be to Thee, Oh Peerless One!
Om Agnigarbhaya namaha
Thou who dost sustain the fire!
Om Samigarbhaya namaha
Hail Thou who arose out of the Vanni flame! (Fire of the Suma tree)!
Om Visvaretase namaha
Thou glory of the Absolute Paramasivam, All Hail!
Om Surarighne namaha
Oh, Subduer of the foes of the Devas, All Hail!
Om Hiranyavarnaya namaha
Thou resplendent One, All Hail!
Om Subhakrite namaha
Thou Auspicious One—All Hail!
Om Vasumate namaha
Thou Oh Splendour of the Vasus— (a class of Gods) All Hail!
Om Vatuvesabhrite namaha
Praise be to Thee, Oh lover of celibacy!
Om Bhushane namaha
Thou Luminous Sun—All Hail!
Om Kapastaye namaha
Thou Effulgence divine, All Hail!
Om Gahanaya namaha
Thou Omniscient One—All Hail!
Om Chandravarnaya namaha
Thou Radiance of the Moon—Praise be to Thee!
Om Kaladharaya namaha
Thou who adorns the crescent—Praise be to Thee!
Om Mayadharaya namaha
Engergy art Thou—Praise be to Thee!
Om Mahamayine namaha
Great Artist of Deception too art Thou, Praise be to Thee!
Om Kaivalyaya namaha
Everlasting joy of attainment—Praise be to Thee!
Om Sahatatmakaya namaha
Art all-pervading—All Hail!
Om Visvayonaye namaha
Source of all Existence—All Hail!
Om Ameyatmane namaha
Oh, Supreme Splendour, All Hail!
Om Tejonidhaye namaha
Illumination divine—All Hail!
Om Anamayaya namaha
Savior of all ills—All Hail!
Om Parameshtine namaha
Thou art Immaculate Lord, Praise be to Thee
Om Parabrahmane namaha
Thou Transcendant One, Praise be to Thee!
Om Vedagarbhaya namaha
The Source of the Vedas art Thou, Praise be to Thee!
Om Viratsutaya namaha
Immanent Art Thou in the Universe, Praise be to Thee!
Om Pulindakanyabhartre namaha
Praise be to the Lord of Valli, the Vedda belle!
Om Mahasarasvatavradaya namaha
Praise be to the source of Gnosis
Om asrita Kiladhatre namaha
Praise be to Him who showers grace on those who seek his solace!
Om Choraghnaya namaha
Praise be to Him who annihilates those who steal!
Om Roganasanaya namaha
Praise be to the divine Healer
Om Anantamurtaye namaha
Praise be Thine whose forms are endless!
Om anandaya namaha
Praise be Thine, Oh Thou infinite Bliss!
Om Shikhandikritagedanaya namaha
Praise be Thine, Thou Lord of peacock banner!
Om Dambhaya namaha
Praise be Thine, Oh lover of gay exuberance!
Om Paramadambhaya namaha
Praise be Thine, Thou lover of supreme exuberance!
Om Mahadambhaya namaha
Praise be Thine, Oh Lord of lofty magnificence!
Om Vrishakapaye namaha
Thou who art the culmination of righteousness—All Hail (Dharma)!
Om Karanopatadehaya namaha
Thou who deigned embodiment for a cause—All Hail!
Om Karanatita Vigrahaya namaha
Form transcending causal experience
Om Anishvaraya namaha
Oh Eternal peerless plentitude, All Hail
Om Amritaya namaha
Thou Ambrosia of Life—All Hail!
Om Pranaya namaha
Thou life of life, Praise unto Thee!
Om Pranayamaparayanaya namaha
Thou support of all beings—Praise unto Thee!
Om Vritakandare namaha
Praise unto Thee who subjugates all hostile forces!
Om Viraghnaya namaha
Thou vanquisher of heroic opponents, Praise unto Thee!
Om Raktashyamagalaya namaha
Thou art Love, and of crimson beauty— Praise unto Thee!
Om Mahate namaha
Oh Consummation of glory, All Praise to Thee!
Om Subrahmanyaya namaha
We praise Thee, Oh effulgent Radiance!
Om Paravaraya namaha
Oh Supreme (Sovereign) Goodness, Praise unto Thee!
Om Brahmanyaya namaha
We praise Thee, luminous wisdom serene!
Om Brahmanapriyaya namaha
Thou who art beloved of seers—Praise unto Thee!
Om Loka Gurave Namaha
Oh universal Teacher, All Praise to Thee!
Om Guhapriyaya Namaha
We praise Thee, Indweller in the core of our hearts!
Om Aksayaphalapradaya namaha
We praise Thee, Oh bestower of indestructible results ineffable!
Om Sri Subrahmanyaya namaha
We praise Thee, most glorious effulgent Radiance!
Om Saravanabhava Om!

Other names of Murugan
Sri Gajavahana

Sri Kumara

Sri Saktidhara

Sri Subrahmanya

Sri Subrahmanya

Sri Brahmasasta

Sri Karttikeya

Sri Krauñcabheda

Sri Kandaswami

Sri Saravanabhavar

Sri Senani


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  1. Lord Murugan Mantra:
    "Amarar Idar Theera Amaram Purintha Kumaranadi Nenjeh Kuri"
    Meaning of Lord Murugan Mantra:
    Mind, oh mine, meditate on the feet of that young God, Who waged the war, To end the problems of devas, great.
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