September 24, 2012

Shiridi Saibaba 108 NAMES- with MEANING

 Sai Baba Astothara  Shatanamavali

The 108 names of Baba  Shirdi Sai Baba was one of the greatest saints of modern times. His utter simplicity, tolerance to all religion and a remarkable life has attracted lot of devotees to him.  Since I could not see the
original in Sanskrit, there is a possibility of mistakes in the translations. I am sure Baba would get
them corrected).

  1. Om Sree sainadhaya namah-Lord Sai
  2. Om Lakshmi-narayanaya namah -Lord Lakshmi narayana
  3. Om Krishna-rama-siva marutyadi rupaya namah-Lord with the form of Krishna, Rama, Shiva and Anjaneya
  4. Om Shesha-shaene namah-Lord who sleeps on the snake Sesha
  5. Om Goda-varee-tata shirdi-vasine namah-Lord who lived in Shirdi which is on shores of Godavari
  6. Om Bhaktha hruda-layaya namah-He who merges with the heart of his devotees
  7. Om Sarwa-hrunni-layaya namah-He who merges with all hearts
  8. Om Bhuta-vasaya namah-He who lives in all beings
  9. Om Bhuta bhavi-shyadbhava varji-taya namah-He who removes thoughts about past, present and future
  10. Om Kalati-taya namah-He who is beyond time
  11. Om kalaya namah-He who is the time
  12. Om Kala kalaya namah-He who is the killer of God of death
  13. Om Kaladarpa damanaya namah-He who removes pain inflicted by God of death
  14. Om Mrutyum-jayaya namah-He who has succeeded death
  15. Om Amartyaya namah-He who is a super human being
  16. Om Martya bhaya-pradaya namah-He who gives salvation to human beings
  17. Om Jiva-dharaya nama-He who is the support to life
  18. Om Sarwa-daraya namah-He who is support of everything
  19. Om Bhakta-vana samar-dhaya namah-He who is worshipped by forest of devotes
  20. Om Bhakta-vana prati-gynaya namah-He who is the affirmation of the forest of devotion
  21. Om Anna vastradaya namah-He who gives food and cloths
  22. Om Aarogya kshema-daya namah-He who grants health and comfort
  23. Om Dhanamangalya pradaya namah_he who grants well being and wealth
  24. Om Bhuddi siddi-pradaya namah-He who grants wisdom and power
  25. Om Putra mitra kalatra bandhu-daya namah-He who grants son, friend, wife and relatives
  26. Om Yoga kshema vahaya namah-He who looks after our well being
  27. Om Aapadbhanda-vaya namah-He who is the friend in times of danger
  28. Om Marga-bandave namah-He who is the friend of the way
  29. Om Bhukthi mukti swarga-pavar-gadaya namah-He who gives devotion, salvation and heaven
  30. Om Priyaya namah-He who is very dear
  31. Om Priti vardanaya namah-He who has a pleasing face
  32. Om Antarya-mine namah-He who is in side
  33. Om Sachi-datmane namah-He who is the divine truth
  34. Om Nitya-nandaya namah-He who is happy forever
  35. Om Parama-sukha-daya namah-He who gives immense (divine) pleasure
  36. Om Parame-shwaraya namah-He who is the divine lord
  37. Om Para-bramhane namah-He who is the unltimate brahmam
  38. Om Paramat-mane namah-He who is the divine soul
  39. Om Gynana-swarupine namah-He who is wisdom personified
  40. Om Jagath pitrena namah-He who is the father of universe
  41. Om Bhakthanam matru datru pitamahaya namah-He who is mother, father and grand father
  42. Om Bhaktha abhaya-pradaya namah-He who gives protection to devotees
  43. Om Bhaktha-para-deenaya namah-He who is in the control of his devotees
  44. Om Bhaktha-nugraha karaya namah-He who blesses his devotees
  45. Om Sharanagata vatsalaya namah-He who loves people surrendering to him
  46. Om Bhakti shakti pradaya namah-He who gives strength to his devotees
  47. Om Gynana vairagya pradaya namah-He who gives wisdom and rennunciation
  48. Om Prama pradaya namah-He who grants salvation
  49. Om Samkshaya-hrudaya daorbalya-paapakarma vasana-kshya-karaya namah-He who weakens
  50. weakness of heart and propensity for sins
  51. Om Hrudaya-grandi bheda-kaya namah-He who destroys the attachement of the heart
  52. Om Karma dvamsine namah-He who destroys effect of previous births
  53. Om Shuda satya aditaaya namah-He who sin of pure truth
  54. Om Gunatita gunat-mane namah-He who who is beyond charecterstics but is personification of them.
  55. Om Ananta-kalyana gunaya namah-He who is the limitless good qualities
  56. Om Amita-para-kramaya namah-He who is greatly valorous
  57. Om Jnane namah-He who is wisdom
  58. Om Durdharksha-kshobyaya namah-He who gets angry with bad people
  59. Om Apari-jitaya namah-He who cannot be defeated
  60. Om Trilokeshu avighata gataye namah-He who removes impediment for journey in the three worlds.
  61. Om Ashakya rahitaya namah-He who is perennially there
  62. Om Sarwashakti-murthaye namah-He who is the idol of all powers
  63. Om Surupa sundaraya namah-He who is form is very pretty
  64. Om Sulocha-naya namah-He who has good eyes
  65. Om Bahurupa vishva-murthaye namah- He who is the form of the world with several forms.
  66. Om Arupa avya-kthaya namah-He who is formless and not clear
  67. Om Achintyaya namah-He who is beyond thought
  68. Om Sukshmaya namah-He who has a micro form
  69. Om Sarwantar-yamine namah-He who is in everything
  70. Om Mano-vaga-titaya namah-He who is beyond mind and words
  71. Om Prema-murtaye namah_he who is personification of love
  72. Om Sulaba-durla-baya namah-He who is easy as well as dificult to get
  73. Om Asrahaya saha-yaaya namah-He who helps people depending on him
  74. Om Anadha-nadha dina-bhandave namah-The merciful lord of orphans
  75. Om Sarwabhara bhrute namah-He who wears all ornaments
  76. Om Akarmaneka karma-sukarmine namah-He who does good deeds among all deeds
  77. Om Punya-shravana keerta-naaya namah-He who likes to hear the song of good deeds
  78. Om Thirdhaya namah-He who is the path and stair case
  79. Om Vaasu-devaaya namah-He who is Lord Krishna
  80. Om Sathangataye namah-He who gives us salvation
  81. Om Satya-narayanaya namah-He who is Sathya Narayana
  82. Om Loka-naadhaya namah-He who is the Lord of all people
  83. Om Paavana ana-ghaya namah- He who is pure in my mind beyond limits
  84. Om Amrutham-shave namah- He who is nectar
  85. Om Bhaskara-prabhaya namah_he who has light like Sun
  86. Om Bramha-charya taparcharyadi suvrataaya namah_he who observes penance of Brahma Charias well as sages
  87. Om Satya-dharma paraaya-naaya namah-He who reads forever about Truth and Dharma
  88. Om Sidhe-shwaraya namah-He who is the divine God
  89. Om Sidha-samkalpaya namah-He who is the divine thought
  90. Om Yoge-shwaraaya namah-He who is the Lord of Yogas
  91. Om Bhagavate namah_he who is wise about God
  92. Om Bhakta-vatsalaaya namah-He who cherishes his devotees
  93. Om Satpuru-shaya namah-He who is a good man
  94. Om Purusho-ttamaya namah-He who is the greatest purusha (man)
  95. Om Satya-tatva bhodhakaya namah-He who teaches essence of truth
  96. Om Kamadi-shadvri dhvamsine namah-He who destroys six hankerings like passion
  97. Om Abedha-namdanu bhava-pradaya namah—He who gives unalloyed blessings
  98. Om Sama-sarvamata samataya namah-He who is tolerant and equal to all
  99. Om Sri dakshina murthaye namah-He who is Dakshina murthy
  100. Om Sri venkatesha ramanaya namah-He who is Lord Venkateswara
  101. Om Adbhuta-nanta charyaya namah-He who has the story of wonder and happiness
  102. Om Pravannarti haraya namah-He who destroys great hankerings
  103. Om Samsara sarwa-duhkha kshaya-karaya namah-He who reduces the entire sorrow of the world
  104. Om Sarva-vitpar-vato mukhaya namah-He who has the same face to every one
  105. Om Sarvamtarba-histhitaya namah-He who lives inside everybody
  106. Om Sarva-mangala-karaya namah-He who does all good deeds
  107. Om Sarva-bhishta pradaya namah-He who grants all desires
  108. Om Sama-rasa sanmarga sthapa-naya namah-He who established the good path of reconciliation
  109. Om Samardha sadguru sri sainadhaya namah-He who is Lord Sai and teacher Samartha Ramdas
Eti Sree Sainadha Astottara Shatanamavali Samaptham-Thus ends the 108 names of Lord Sai

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