July 1, 2012

Shiridi SaiBaba 108 Names -GURU PURNIMA SPL

Experiences of Shiridi Saibaba Devotees:

 A Sai Devotee I don't know how to thank Baba for showing me how he is with me in every moment of life. I want to share my today's experience...we were set to get our visa extension and today we found an article saying there's some important papers we have to send in addition to the ones we sent...and my husband and I had a discussion that we might have to lose hopes for our extension...after this I went near Baba's picture and asked him to help me and give the extension because that was very crucial and we had a very unpeaceful yr last yr and that i need peace this year. And within an hour after I prayed to Baba ...

we received an email stating that we got an extension for 3 yrs...This is a live example to show that Baba is always with me....pls Baba be there with me n my family like this in every moment of life...pls pls be with us in each n every second of our lives and let us lead a peaceful life. A Sai Devotee Sairam, you blessed me with my second pregnancy when I was desperate for a female child, but now I realize it's a male child and my heart is just not accepting it. I understand it is more important for it to be healthy and grow up to be a good person but at the same time I really long for a female child and even now.

I am expecting your miracle when I deliver. If that's not going to happen, I humbly request you to please help me accept this child wholeheartedly and love him just as much and pls give me the strength to bring him up to be as wonderful as my first son, your divine blessing again. He is really your child in the truest sense of the word and I am the luckiest mother alive due to your blessings. I request you to pls now give me a healthy, happy baby who'll be a great support to us and his brother all his life and please I humbly request you to bless our family to never regret this decision and to always have peace of mind and good health.

I request you to keep the brothers together and happy at all times, as we have nobody but you to turn to. The 4 of us really have only each other to depend on, apart from you. I know you wont let me down about my family and you'll please forgive all my mistakes and make me a better human being everyday. I thank you with all my heart for giving me this baby and hope I'll get some peace of mind and contentment with your divine help. I hope to get a second lease of life with this baby and find the peace and happiness I've never had so far. I want to turn to your prayers and devotion but I am not getting enough motivation and I hope you'll forgive me for that and make me better too.


108 Names of Sri Shiridi Sai Baba

  1. OM sri Sai Nathaaya namaha
  2. OM Sri Sai Lakshmi naarayanaya namaha
  3. OM Sri Sai Krishnaraamashiva maruthyaadhi roopaaya namaha
  4. OM Sri Sai Seshasai ne namaha
  5. OM Sri Sai Godhavarithata shirdhivasi ne namaha
  6. OM Sri Sai Bhakta hrudaalayaaya namaha
  7. OM Sri Sai Sarva hrunnilayaaya namaha
  8. OMSri Sai Bhoota vaasaya namaha
  9. OM Sri Sai Bhootha bhavishyadbhaava varnithaaya namaha
  10. OM Sri Sai Kaalaa thiithaaya namaha
  11. OM Sri Sai Kaalaaya namaha
  12. OM Sri Sai Kaala kaalaaya namaha
  13. OM Sri Sai Kaaladarpa damanaaya namaha
  14. OM Sri Sai Mrutyunjayaaya namaha
  15. OM Sri Sai Amarthyaaya namaha
  16. OM Sri Sai Marthyaa bhayapradhaaya namaha
  17. OM Sri Sai Jiivadhaaraaya namaha
  18. OM Sri Sai Sarvadhaaraaya namaha
  19. OM Sri Sai Bhaktaavana samarthaaya namaha
  20. OM Sri Sai Bhaktavana prathikjnaaya namaha
  21. OM Sri Sai Anna vastra daaya namaha
  22. OM Sri Sai Aroogya ksheemadaaya namaha
  23. OM Sri Sai Dhana maangalyapradaaya namaha
  24. OM Sri Sai Buddhi siddhi pradaaya namaha
  25. OM Sri Sai Putra mitra kalathra bandhudaaya namaha
  26. OM Sri Sai Yogaksheema vahaaya namaha
  27. OM Sri Sai Aapadbhaandhavaaya namaha
  28. OM Sri Sai Maargabandhavee namaha
  29. OM Sri Sai Bhukti mukti swargaapavargadaaya namaha
  30. OM Sri Sai Priyaaya namaha
  31. OM Sri Sai Preeti vardhanaaya namaha
  32. OM Sri Sai Antharyaminee namaha
  33. OM Sri Sai Sacchitatmanee namaha
  34. OM Sri Sai Nityanandaaya namaha
  35. OM Sri Sai Parama sukhadaaya namaha
  36. OM Sri Sai Parameeshwaraaya namaha
  37. OM Sri Sai Parabrahmanee namaha
  38. OM Sri Sai Paramaatmanee namaha
  39. OM Sri Sai Gnaana Swaroopinee namaha
  40. OM Sri Sai Jagath pithre namaha
  41. OM Sri Sai Bhaktaanaam maathru daathru pithaamahaaya namaha
  42. OM Sri Sai Bhaktaabhaya pradhaaya namaha
  43. OM Sri Sai Bhakta para dheenaya namaha
  44. OM Sri Sai Bhaktaanugraha karaaya namaha
  45. OM Sri Sai Sharaanagatha vatsalaaya namaha
  46. OM Sri Sai Bhakti shakti pradaaya namaha
  47. OM Sri Sai Gnana yraaghya prdaaya namaha
  48. OM Sri Sai Preema pradaaya namaha
  49. OM Sri Sai Samskhaya hrudaya dowurbhalya paapa karma vaasanaa kshayakaraaya namaha
  50. OM Sri Sai Hrudayagranthi bheedakaaya namaha
  51. OM Sri Sai Karma dhvamsiinee namaha
  52. OM Sri Sai Suddasathva sthithaaya namaha
  53. OM Sri Sai Gunaatheetha gunaathmanee namaha
  54. OM Sri Sai Anantha kalyaana gunaaya namaha
  55. OM Sri Sai Amitha parakramaaya namaha
  56. OM Sri Sai Jayinee namaha
  57. OM Sri Sai Durdhaarshaa kshobyaaya namaha
  58. OM Sri Sai Aparaajitaya namaha
  59. OM Sri Sai Trilookeeshu avighaatha gatayee namaha
  60. OM Sri Sai Ashakya rahitaaya namaha
  61. OM Sri Sai Sarva shakti murthayee namaha
  62. OM Sri Sai Suroopa sundaraaya namaha
  63. OM Sri Sai Suloochanaaya namaha
  64. OM Sri Sai Bahuroopa vishwamuurthayee namaha
  65. OM Sri Sai Aroopaavyaktaaya namaha
  66. OM Sri Sai Aachintyaaya namaha
  67. OM Sri Sai Sookshmaaya namaha
  68. OM Sri Sai Sarvaantharyaminee namaha
  69. OM Sri Sai Manoovaaga theethaya namaha
  70. OM Sri Sai Preemamoorthayee namaha
  71. OM Sri Sai Sulabha durlabhaaya namaha
  72. OM Sri Sai Asahaaya sahaayaaya namaha
  73. OM Sri Sai Anaatha naatha deenabaandhavee namaha
  74. OM Sri Sai Sarvabhaara bhrutee namaha
  75. OM Sri Sai Akarmaaneeka karma sukarminee namaha
  76. OM Sri Sai Punyasravana keerthanaaya namaha
  77. OM Sri Sai Theerthaaya namaha
  78. OM Sri Sai Vasudeevaaya namaha
  79. OM Sri Sai Sataamgathayee namaha
  80. OM Sri Sai Satyanaaraayanaaya namaha
  81. OM Sri Sai Lokanaathaaya namaha
  82. OM Sri Sai Paavananaaghaaya namaha
  83. OM Sri Sai Amruthamsavee namaha
  84. OM Sri Sai Bhaaskara Prabhaaya namaha
  85. OM Sri Sai Bramhacharya tapascharyaadi suvrathaaya namaha
  86. M Sri Sai Satyadharma paraayanaaya namaha
  87. OM Sri Sai Siddheshvaraaya namaha
  88. OM Sri Sai Siddha sankalpaaya namaha
  89. OM Sri Sai Yogeshwaraaya namaha
  90. OM Sri Sai Bhagwatee namaha
  91. OM Sri Sai Bhakta vatsalaaya namaha
  92. OM Sri Sai Sathpurushaaya namaha
  93. OM Sri Sai Purushootthamaaya namaha
  94. OM Sri Sai Satyatatva boodhakaaya namaha
  95. OM Sri Sai Kaamaadi shadyri dwamsinee namaha
  96. OM Sri Sai Abheedaanandaama bhava pradhaaya namaha
  97. OM Sri Sai Samasarvamatha sammataaya namaha
  98. OM Sri Sai Sri Dakshinaa moorthiyee namaha
  99. OM Sri Sai Sri Venkateesha ramanaaya namaha
  100. OM Sri Sai Adbhuthaanantha charyaaya namaha
  101. OM Sri Sai Prapannarthi haraaya namaha
  102. OM Sri Sai Samsaara sarva dukha kshayakaraaya namaha
  103. OM Sri Sai Sarva vitsarvato mukhaaya namaha
  104. OM Sri Sai Sarvaantharbhahi stitaaya namaha
  105. OM Sri Sai Sarvamangala karaaya namaha
  106. OM Sri Sai Sarvaabhiishta pradhaaya namaha
  107. OM Sri Sai Samaras sanmaarga sthaapanaaya namaha
  108. OM Sri Sai samartha sadguru Sri Sai nathaaya namaha

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